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"We are experts at rebuilding our lives- and we have done the hard work of starting over again by creating a space in which we belong. Through trial and error, we have figured out how to stand confidently in our power, speak our truth, and show the world what we are all about- and we are inviting you into this sacred space along with us- so we can help you do that too."

YOU are amazing, you have an inspiring story to share, and the world is waiting to hear what you have to say. 

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Real Women....Real Transformation!

Laura O'Malley

 I just cannot stress enough what a gift this course has been. These last 12 weeks have changed my life...that is something I'm going to be forever grateful for.

Amy Mathe

 One of the things that most surprised me about participating in the Project You Collective Academy has been the spirit of collaboration. I have not been, if ever, in a professional setting that has helped me with my direction as my profession, especially with a group of women, where I haven't felt some level of competition amongst the group. A few sessions into this, I was like: "Wow! This is so supportive! Everyone is so supportive and sincere and you can feel it- they MEAN it. They are cheering you on and it is just so awesome'.

Melissa Rainer

 To really sum up the last 12 weeks, I actually went back and re-read my first thing I wrote. I was like scared, sad, worried...everything I am not right now, and I can only account that for this course. I feel like I have a purpose again...and it feels really good.
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