What if the next 52 weeks could change your life?
With a little Project YOU time, they can...
Project You Time was created for the woman that is tired of putting herself last on her list of priorities. Since we were little, it has been engrained in us to always think of others before we think of ourselves. 
The question is: 
How do we show up as our best version if our own cups are completely empty?

This 52 week journal can be your blueprint to a more fulfilling life. Each prompt is scientifically proven to provide results IF you are willing to do the work required. 

So what are you waiting for? Your new life awaits for only $7.95.
DOWNLOAD Your EDitable PROJECT YOU TIME JoURNAL AT check out for only $7.95!
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"I had no idea that a journal could change the entire game for me. I am looking at my life in a completely different way now, and I know myself for the first time ever!"
- Lyla H
San Diego, CA

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